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EP 30: Man Slaps Girl in NYC Subway Kortney talks about the viral NYC Subway slap

EP 27: BET Hip-Hop Awards; Breaking Bad Kortney talks about the BET Hip-Hop Awards and Breaking Bad Action Figures.

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Video: Detroit Tigers’ Jim Leyland rants about everyone doing their job


Manager Jim Leyland of the Detroit Tigers, registered one of the greatest rants of all-time.

After the home plate umpire blew an obvious third strike call in the second inning of the Tigers and Red Sox’s game this weekend. Boston went on a three run rally (That should immediately raise an eyebrow. Anytime that team goes on a rally I sense foul play (the cream and the clear style). In the postgame interview, Leyland was asked about the rally, and then his epic rant began. This was a masterpiece. It’s something that probably brought a tear to the eye of Allen Iverson and Bob Knight. The highlight of the rant is when he goes after the umpire, and then says “I’m not going sit here and rip umpires.” Then he goes back in on the umpire. Jim Leyland thinks everyone involved in the game needs to be held accountable.… Read More

The importance of stars in the NBA Playoffs


The Indiana Pacers had the Miami Heat on the ropes but couldn’t finish them off. They set themselves up for a storybook ending. Alas, it was not meant to be.

How typical.

The Pacers were outmatched. Much like a boxer without that knockout punch or a closer without a strikeout pitch, the Pacers needed something more. They just didn’t have it though. Larry Bird’s squad is another prime example of the necessity of having a star player in order to win meaningful games in the NBA.

Balance alone doesn’t cut it in this league.

The Heat should never have been seen as on the ropes by so many people (yes, guilty as charged). Not when they feature 2 of the best players on the planet while the Pacers feature player is a fringe all-star center. Indiana didn’t go soft in game 6. They couldn’t bring their game up a couple of notches like the Heat were able to.… Read More

No team can build around Andrew Bynum


Andrew Bynum isn’t even 25 years old yet.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been waiting for Andrew Bynum to mature for the past 5 seasons. He finally broke out this year as the 2nd best center in the NBA, putting up 18.7 points and 11.8 rebounds per game during the regular season. Dominating numbers from a dominating physical presence. But don’t let his physical stature and the numbers fool you, Bynum still possesses the mind of a child.

That mind is not going to change.

Andrew Bynum has been somewhat of an enigma all season for the Lakers. The infamous 3-point shot that sent him straight to the pine encapsulates most everything that Bynum is and has been for Los Angeles. After the benching, Bynum sulked for much of the game, refusing to join the huddle in team timeouts and subsequently played some uninspired 4th quarter basketball. He reacted to the situation like a petulant child.… Read More

The NBA’s new alpha dog Kevin Durant is cold-blooded (Rick James style)


Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder is announcing his arrival as the new Alpha Dog of the NBA. He choked out the defending champion Dallas Mavericks in the first round with late game heroics, and now he has his foot on the head of The Black Mamba. Dude is getting it done, and he’s doing it with a point guard that doesn’t pass. That’s gangster (OKC style).

Kevin Durant is the new Alpha Dog is the NBA for several reasons. First of all he’s the best shooter in the NBA. I know some dope out there will point to some metrics, and try to convince me that LeBron James is more efficient. However, when you consider the number of 3-point shots that Durant takes and makes opposed to James, there is no comparison. Durant can score at any place on the court, more efficiently than anyone else in the NBA.… Read More

This is your fault Pat Riley!


LeBron James is tired. Dwyane Wade can’t score. Chris Bosh is injured.

The Big 3 are in shambles.

The Miami Heat’s crisis goes much higher up than the Big 3 though.

Beat the Heat, is becoming all too real for Miami fans. A game 3 shellacking led by Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert has put Miami’s championship aspirations into serious question. When Derrick Rose limped off the floor it appeared a free road to the NBA Finals was given to the Heat. Now it looks more like rush hour traffic in Seattle.

On a night where the Heat finally got some secondary scoring, they weren’t able to come close to the Pacers. After the 1st quarter, Miami was outscored by Indiana 77-49.

What’s wrong with the Heat? Well, Pat Riley, you have some explaining to do.

Pat Riley is supposed to be a genius. He’s been more like Stu Jackson and Isaiah Thomas rolled into one since LeBron, Wade and Bosh rolled into town.… Read More

Phil Jackson would be able to fix the Miami Heat

I am saying it first!  Phil Jackson to the Miami Heat! 


Wow, I have no idea why this hasn’t been brought up more, but let’s evaluate this?  The following are the top five reasons why I’d choose Phil Jackson to coach the Miami Heat if I were Pat Riley.


I. “Coach Spo’ No Mo!”

This statement was coined by Tony Kornheiser, on Pardon the Interruption during the 2011 season.  But honestly, let’s just cut through it, Erik Spoelstra is a young coach.  He has no rings; Phil Jackson has eleven of them.  He is outwardly disrespected by players . . . during the game (see  LeBron James’ shoulder-bump and the shouting match with Dwyane Wade’s in Game 3 vs. Indiana).  On the other hand, Phil Jackson punches Paul Gasol in the chest and puts Andrew Bynum (often lauded as the best center in the NBA) on his bench.… Read More

The Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant’s championship window is closed


There’s comes a time when a players window for winning a championship is closed. That time has come for the Los Angeles Lakers with Kobe Bryant.

It was fun while it lasted. We all got to watch Kobe and Shaq go to 4 Finals, while they had spats in the media (tell me how my ‘bleep’ taste style). We all had a front row seat to Kobe’s 81 point performance (I’m not going to bring up the fact that he did it against the Toronto Raptors and a washed up Jalen Rose). Everyone got the see a selfish 18 year old kid with an afro grow up to become an even more selfish Black Mamba. We also got to see Kobe Bryant try and come out with a rap album. I’m still not sure what that was all about. When I think rap, I don’t think Kobe. If he decides to pursue a second career I suggest he write books on how to get your girl back (pink diamond syle).… Read More

Kevin Garnett’s foul reveals late game foul logic


Naturally, there was a huge outcry following the offensive foul called on Kevin Garnett that cost the Boston Celtics a chance to tie the game very late in the 4th quarter. Garnett was clearly moving on the off-ball screen but the call was deemed wrong by many, including the likes of Pardon the Interruption’s Mike Wilbon, because of the situation during which the foul occurred.

Apparently, if there are 10 seconds left in the 4th quarter, offensive fouls of this sort are not supposed to be called. The fact that it is uncommon for a moving screen to be called during crunch time justifiably warrants some criticism. It’s like the lane violation that was called during this year’s March Madness that cost the Notre Dame fighting Irish an opportunity to move onto the next round. It doesn’t seem right.

Following the game, Celtics coach Doc Rivers did not deny that Garnett committed a foul.… Read More

Lady Gaga’s Music, Creating an Insufferable Vice Around Your Head


I love Lady Gaga just as much as Tony loved having Nicky Santoro put his head in a vice, and pop his eyeball out in Casino (I still can’t believe he did that for Charlie M). The only difference is, the vice that is Gaga will loosen just enough for you to regain consciousness, and get a clear look at her meat dress. Then it immediately tightens back up during the baseline of Love Game. The media doesn’t help to dispel the Gaga oversaturation either. They throw her (?) in your face (Jeremy Lin style), yet they never ask, “What is her talent?”

I believe she has no tangle talent (I had to throw tangible in there for all the people that want to tell me about the energy she brings). I know she’s fantastic at playing dress up, but what does she do? She’s like the Paris Hilton of music, “Famous for being famous.” Consequently I don’t understand the fascination.… Read More

Cleveland Indians’ lack of pitching is an insult to “Pedestrian”*


The other day I heard someone say, that the Cleveland Indians’ pitching was, “Pedestrian.”

To say Cleveland’s pitching is pedestrian, is an insult to pedestrians, and anyone that has ever brought a pair of walking shoes (Mr. Rogers style). This pitching staff is competitively repulsive. Only they could give up 23 runs to a Boston Red Sox team that was struggling. I thought that Ubaldo Jiménez was going to be able to give them more, but I’m questioning that. I love his funky motion, with the double clutch action. However if the other team is cranky balls over the wall (José Canseco style) it doesn’t matter. His fall to earth makes me believe the gig is up. Perhaps this is a Dontrelle Willis situation, and he’ll be all but forgotten in 2 seasons. The only thing that could give Cleveland fans some reservation and hope. Is that Jiménez has great stuff.… Read More

Kobe Bryant isn’t leading the Los Angeles Lakers anywhere…so what makes him a great leader?


Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers will be hosting the Denver Nuggets for game 7 of the first round. That’s right! One of the greatest of all-time is struggling to oust a team with no all-stars. You would think there would be some type of caveat as to why Kobe and the Lakers can’t get it done. But their just failing (JaMarcus Russell style…I probably went too far right there). It makes you question Kobe’s leadership.

Kobe Bryant hasn’t made enough plays for his team in the playoffs, over the last 2 seasons. Now before I blasphemy the great Kobe, allow me to say that this has nothing to do with his career as a whole. Dude is one of the greatest players of all time. You can argue that’s he’s top ten. However, if you’re going to be top 10, you can’t have the kind of flame outs he’s had in the post season1.… Read More

The Los Angeles Kings are not on a Cinderella run


When the 8th seed upsets the 1 and 2 seed, the general consensus is to check if that glass slipper is going to fit. Usually, it will.

However, for the Los Angeles Kings, the glass slipper is way too small and delicate.

The Kings are much different than your average, everyday, run of the mill Cinderella story. Sure, the Los Angeles Kings barely squeezed into the playoffs. Sure, they knocked off the back-to-back Presidents Trophy winning Vancouver Canucks in 5 games. Sure, the 2nd seeded St. Louis Blues fell to the Kings without taking a single game from them. That doesn’t make a Cinderella though.

The Kings deserve better than to be cast as Cinderella’s.

Los Angeles underachieved during the year and it didn’t appear likely that they would be able to reach their potential. If things started to click, it would be too little, too late. That notion, obviously, was dead wrong.… Read More

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