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EP 30: Man Slaps Girl in NYC Subway Kortney talks about the viral NYC Subway slap

EP 27: BET Hip-Hop Awards; Breaking Bad Kortney talks about the BET Hip-Hop Awards and Breaking Bad Action Figures.

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Video of the Week


Stand-Up By Me

Kortney’s Last Show, EP 31: Bill Cosby Assault Allegations and The 206

Posted on | November 20, 2014 | No Comments


Come on Bill Cosby. Come on man. You can’t be the dude out here trying to tell everybody how to act, and then not address rape allegations. You need to come out and say something. With the same intensity that you castigate other people on parenting and how black people need to be doing better.

The longer you say nothing the more it looks like you’ve perpetrated a fraud. You’ve created a lucrative empire on being the moral authority, and America’s dad. Well if you want anyone to believe you. Address the people that have accused you of rape.

I have more to say on the Bill Cosby topic on my podcast. Also on the podcast I talk about my appearance on The 206. I was on the show this past week. If you didn’t catch live. You should be able to find it online sometime in the near future.


Enjoy the podcast and please subscribe on iTunes.… Read More

Kortney’s Last Show, EP 30: Man Slaps Girl on NYC Subway and College Football Playoffs

Posted on | November 13, 2014 | No Comments


The story of the week was the fight that was caught on camera in a New York City Subway. It has gone viral, and has over 5 million views on YouTube.

    So it was only right that I talk about this week during the podcast.

I also sneak in a little bit about the college football playoffs. I give my opinion on the TCU v. Baylor argument. I also way in on Ohio State and what the rankings really mean.


Enjoy the podcast and please subscribe on iTunes.


Kortney Shane Williams

Editor-in-Chief of Comedic Prose

Follow Kortney Williams on Twitter @kortneyshane

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Bernard Hopkins shows his age (Therapeutic socks)

Posted on | November 9, 2014 | No Comments

I knew Bernard Hopkins was going to lose to Sergey Kovalev as soon as he walked in the ring. Because Bernard was wearing therapeutic socks.

B. Hop was wearing the same socks my grandmother wears

B. Hop was wearing the same socks my grandmother wears

Bernard Hopkins is known for being a boxer that doesn’t seem to age. To think that at the age of 49, a guy had the ability to unify the Light Heavyweight titles is amazing. For years people wondered whether Bernard Hopkins aged. Is he human? Maybe he’s an Alien? Perhaps he runs on Duracell D batteries?

These were all fair assumptions until Saturday night when Hopkins showed up wearing therapeutic socks. They weren’t even athletic socks. Dude was rocking dress socks. It looked like Bernard came to the fight after a wedding. There’s no way you can win a title fight when you’re worried about circulation in your legs.

I’m not going to pick on a man’s age, because Bernard Hopkins is a hell of a fighter.… Read More

Kortney’s Last Show, EP 29: NYC street Harassment video, Chris Rock Saturday Night Live, and LeBron James Nike hysteria

Posted on | November 3, 2014 | No Comments


It’s The Last Show Podcast: Episode 29. I talk about the LeBron James debut for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the hysteria Nike has started. I talk about the viral street harassment video, and I talk about how Chris Rock detonated a lack of tolerance bomb while hosting Saturday Night Live.
So this week a video came out about street harassment. It’s a very interesting and even startling video.

    A woman named, Shoshana B. Roberts says she is harassed on a daily basis, and she decided to do a PSA video about it. In the video you can see people catcalling and being flat out inappropriate. At one point in the video a guy follows her shoulder to shoulder for five minutes. It seems like a scary situation that no normal human being would envy, but I do have some questions.

     Also this weekend Chris Rock hosted Saturday Night Live.Read More

Kortney’s Last Show, EP 28: 2014 NBA Season Preview

Posted on | October 28, 2014 | No Comments


The 68th NBA Season starts tonight. All the offseason moves are over, and now it’s time to speculate on what will happen on the court. In this episode of the last show podcast I spend a lot of time talking about the Los Angeles Lakers and the “nobody wants to play with Kobe Bryant” report.

I also predicted who will make the Conference and NBA Finals.

In addition I named my most depressing teams in the NBA. SPOILER ALERT: THE PHILADELPHIA 76ERS ARE THE MOST DEPRESSING TEAM.

I of course highlighted the Cleveland Cavaliers and broke down what the arrival of LeBron James means for all the members of the Cavaliers.


Enjoy the podcast and please subscribe on iTunes.


Kortney Shane Williams

Editor-in-Chief of Comedic Prose

Follow Kortney Williams on Twitter @kortneyshane

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Kortney’s Last Show, EP 27: BET Hip-Hop Awards 2014, Percy Harvin trade, and Breaking Bad action figures

Posted on | October 21, 2014 | No Comments

People were killing the BET Hip-Hop Awards. Saying that the show stunk and it look low budget, and that it was a waste of time. So I decided to record the show, because I love seeing a good train wreck. However, there was one problem. I liked the show. It wasn’t the best hip-hop show but it was really good. Snoop Dogg was okay as a host, and they did a live Cypher featuring Murda Mook.BreakingBadDoll

On this episode of the last show I talk about the Percy Harvin trade and what it means for the Seattle Seahawks. I also talk about the controversy surrounding the Breaking Bad action figures. Should they be pulled off the shelf?


Enjoy and please subscribe on iTunes


Kortney Shane Williams

Editor-in-Chief of Comedic Prose

Follow Kortney Williams on Twitter @kortneyshane

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Are Seattle Seahawks fans blaming the refs…again?

Posted on | October 20, 2014 | No Comments

NFL: NFC Championship-San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks fans, Hawk Nation, Twelves, or however you’re referring to yourself these days. Are you blaming the refs for losing to dreadful St. Louis? I know it’s not all of you blaming the refs, but it’s definitely the majority. So if you’re a fan and don’t feel like this applies to you. Look yourself in the mirror and if you still have neon streaks in your hair from yesterday’s game, you are who I’m talking to. I know you feel like it’s not your teams fault, but it is. The Seattle Seahawks stunk the joint up (I know about stinking the joint. My Cleveland Browns loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars). The great Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman aren’t infallible. Maybe trading your best offensive player two days before the game will affect the team? Perhaps your defense should be able to stop St. Louis? But it’s not the refs fault

I thought we were past this.… Read More

Opening for Dave Chappelle in Seattle 2014 – Kortney Shane Williams

Posted on | October 17, 2014 | No Comments


I’ve had the opportunity to open for Dave Chappelle this week while he’s been in Seattle performing at the Neptune Theater, and it’s been great.

The sets and audiences have been great. I couldn’t really ask for more. Well, actually, I could ask all those people who like my act to come out to some of my shows. “And you know who you are.”

I have gotten a great reception. People have contacted me through my website and Twitter. I even had a guy ask me to describe one of my jokes that he didn’t understand. That was interesting and flattering. I actually explained the joke to him in an email. That’s something I never thought I would do. However, if he took time to email me, the least I could do is email him back. Plus I had to be able to tell that story.


I thought it would be surreal to open for Dave Chappelle, but it hasn’t really been that way.… Read More

Kortney’s Last Show, EP26: Seattle Seahawks meaningless loss, Todd Gurley, and Jameis Winston

Posted on | October 14, 2014 | No Comments


The Seattle Seahawks loss to the Dallas Cowboys, and it means absolutely nothing. Did anybody in their right mind think they were going to go undefeated? Did you think they were going to win every home game for the rest of time? I’m sure some of the delusional fans thought all these things would happen. That’s why it’s funny to troll them. Sorry Seattle, but this one is for you.

I also talk about the Todd Gurley and Jameis Winston autograph circumstance. I’m sick of the moralizing of the NCAA and NFL Cartel.

Briefly I touch on the Gone Girl movie, and Ben Affleck frontal nudity.


Thanks for listening to the show and subscribe on iTunes


Kortney Shane Williams

Editor-in-Chief of Comedic Prose

Follow Kortney Williams on Twitter @kortneyshane

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Kortney’s Last Show, EP25: Ebola and Geno Smith misses a meeting he called?

Posted on | October 9, 2014 | No Comments



So that meeting Geno Smith of the New York Jets, missed this week, was a meeting he called? Also Michael Vick of the same New York Jets wasn’t prepared to play? How could you not be prepared to play? You back up Geno Smith! That’s like a member of Johnny Manziel’s entourage saying he wasn’t prepared to roll up dollar bills.

So was Michael Vick prepared to conduct the meeting Geno Smith didn’t show up for? What did the Jets do when they got to the meeting? Did they just start playing Madden?

Also EBOLA! This is freaking me out. I’m wearing nothing but turtle necks.

I talk about all of these subjects in Episode 25 of The Last Show Podcast. I also talk about The Cleveland Browns being favored this weekend against the Pittsburgh Steelers for the first time in life.

Enjoy and Subscribe on iTunes


Kortney Shane Williams

Editor-in-Chief of Comedic Prose

Follow Kortney Williams on Twitter @kortneyshane

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Last Show, EP 24: Lesbian couple sue over black sperm and College Football Chaos

Posted on | October 7, 2014 | No Comments


In this episode of The Last Show Podcast I talk about the lesbian couple in Ohio that has filed a lawsuit over a sperm bank that gave them black sperm. I know a lot of people that have slammed them over the lawsuit. They say that they should just love the baby. My question to those people are, “What would you do if you were given something you didn’t order?” I answer that question during the show.

I also talk about the crazy college football weekend. Is it possible that the SEC could get all 4 teams into the college football playoff? It may be. Especially after Oregon lost to an unranked Arizona team #niceuniforms.

In addition I talk about the Cleveland Cavaliers. What was Dion Waiters thinking saying the Cavaliers have the best young backcourt in the NBA?

Enjoy the show


Kortney Shane Williams

Editor-in-Chief of Comedic Prose

Follow Kortney Williams on Twitter @kortneyshane

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The annual Oregon Ducks loss means more SEC #niceuniforms

Posted on | October 3, 2014 | No Comments


The Oregon Ducks loss on a Thursday night. To a west coast team that had no business beating them. This has become an all too familiar storyline for Oregon. At this point you all most expect it to happen. Hell, had they not lost last night I would have been shocked. As a matter of fact it wasn’t even breaking news on ESPN.

Now you have to mention that they were missing players on the offensive line. However, you can’t lose to an unranked, highly limited Arizona team.

So what does this mean?

Welcome to the SEC Final Four

Now that Oregon has successfully completed their annual loss. It clears the way for the SEC. The SEC will easily get two teams into the Final Four, and can potentially have all four spots. Sure it will take a Florida State loss to make that happen, but with the way they’re playing that’s not much of a stretch.… Read More

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